Friday, September 5, 2008


MINNEAPOLIS -- The Oregon delegation at the Republican National Convention has been accusing the Texas delegation of being extremely obnoxious with their hats.

Personally, I think they are just biased against hats. They made fun of my hat too.

But other allegations included the Texans bringing their alternate delegates and guests down, causing them to expand beyond their designated space on the convention floor.

I can believe that would be annoying. These hats probably need more space than the average Texan. They are that big and obnoxious.

As I write, the hats are streaming into the Minneapolis airport. It makes me feel for my crew who have to connect through Dallas. Allow me to replay a conversation from this morning:

Trey: Yep, there's a Texas delegate.
Justin: There's another one over there.
::silence as the terminal is flooded with big hats::
Trey: Man, we are fucked.

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Anonymous said...

This appears to be a very delicate issue. I guess they COULD grant the Texans additional floor space, but as I have learned in my Science, Technology and Society class, attempting to aid a specific group in society by granting them unconditional benefits will often lead to unintended consequences that will hurt both sides. For example, if they get more space then others may not allow Texans to stray from it out of fear that even more space be demanded for wanderers. Soon enough fighting will break out over who's allowed to go where, and the entire Republican Convention will be in disarray!
...On second thought, let them have their space.